How to Choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Business in 2022

Raghdi Aissa

/ June ,10 2022

How to Choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Business in 2022


As seen by the over 32.5 million US small enterprises, the entrepreneurial spirit remains strong in the veins of Americans. These companies range from bakers to hairdressers to manufacturers. Despite these distinctions, nearly all of them rely on website hosting.

This includes the millions of online-only microbusinesses started by Americans during the pandemic. While most of these firms begin with shared hosting services for their websites, many eventually outgrow those constraints.

They must then investigate options such as a virtual private server. If you want to update your hosting service, keep reading for advice on selecting the best VPS.


The resources offered on each server are important in successfully running a VPS. It would help to consider exactly what you will execute on the server. Here are a few crucial points to consider.

The entire amount of storage is an important concern. Do you run a small, streamlined or large site with many users? Is your website visually appealing?

The more accounts your customers have and the more graphics you have on your site, the more storage you'll require. Your servers will require considerably more storage if you plan to host audio and video.


RAM significantly impacts how quickly and smoothly your site performs. Are you a software development company that works on many projects simultaneously?

Are you a game developer looking for a location to test expansions before they go live? Remember that the more media you utilize, the more RAM you'll require.


You should also consider the type of CPU that the servers provide. Different brands and chips provide different advantages.

Will the number of cores be enough? Is intense multithreading required, and can the cores support it?

OS (Operating System)

Another factor to consider is the operating system. Most servers use one of a few operating systems, which include:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux/Red Hat
  • Unix
  • NetWare
  • macOS Server

You'll need a Windows VPS if your IT staff only knows Windows Server. You'll want a Linux-based VPS if they only know Linux. Otherwise, your IT staff will have to learn a new system while still attempting to deploy and support your website.

Unmanaged vs. Managed

Choosing a VPS is as much about the VPS plan as anything else. Most VPS web hosting providers provide both managed and unmanaged plans. So, what's the distinction?

You accept full responsibility for everything with an unmanaged plan. It is your responsibility to deal with software updates and fixes.

Even more importantly, you will be responsible for the server's security. Given the long-standing shortage of cybersecurity personnel in the commercial world, this is a serious worry.

Great if you have a solid cybersecurity guy on your IT staff! If not, you should look for a VPS provider that offers a managed package.

The provider handles security, fixes, and software upgrades under the managed plan. This has the added benefit of freeing up your employees for other, potentially more profitable tasks.

Customer Service

Any reputable VPS provider will provide some level of support. Before you join a firm, inquire about their customer service.

Is their help available around the clock or only during office hours? Can you call them, or do they use an email ticket system? What is the average response time for resolving tickets if they employ a ticket system?

While you may prefer 24/7 assistance with the opportunity to call, the chances are that lower-cost VPS will use a ticket system. The question is how long it takes them, on average, to solve difficulties.

It's not awful if they can address most tickets within a few hours within regular business hours. If they average 24-48 hours, it will be detrimental to any firm that relies on its website for sales.

It would help if you determined your tolerance level for your website is unavailable.

Customer Feedback and Suggestions

Before you sign up with any VPS service, research them online. What are their customer reviews like? Are people shouting their praises or burning effigies of them?

Instead of focusing on a single review, look for trends in the reviews. Because review sites don't usually require confirmation that someone utilizes a service, there's always the chance that someone left a negative review for personal reasons.

Concentrate on the previous six months or a year. Is the consensus good or negative? Are the complaints constant or random, implying that people came across an employee who was having a poor day?

You can also ask trusted business owners for recommendations. They may make recommendations for a VPS service.


Cost is always a consideration for businesses, but it should not be exclusive. Yes, you should get a service that is within your price range.

However, opting for the lowest supplier you can get typically means dealing with secondary issues. Consider poor customer service response times and prolonged server unavailability.

That said, don't go overboard to receive the most expensive service. That frequently devolves into a game of paying for extras you don't require.

Look for a service within your budget that provides the services you require and has positive reviews.

You and a Virtual Private Server

virtual private server is frequently the next step for enterprises that have outgrown the capabilities of shared hosting services. It is often less expensive than a dedicated server but provides many of the same features.

Before you commit to a VPS, you should do some research. Consider storage, RAM, CPU, and operating systems. It would help if you also considered whether you want managed or unmanaged servers.

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