What is Chrome Remote Desktop

Raghdi Aissa

/ June ,21 2022

What is Chrome Remote Desktop

What can Chrome Remote Desktop do?

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote desktop application with a simple setup and several benefits. These are some examples:

Simple desktop connections: Other users can easily connect to your desktop from anywhere in the world without any complicated setup.

Sharing displays: Regardless of location, individuals may share their screens and collaborate in real time on the same device.

It's easy to set up: To use Chrome Remote Desktop, you simply need to have the Chrome browser installed, and no advanced training is required.

It's completely free: Chrome Remote Desktop, unlike other remote desktop programs, is completely free to use.
It is compatible with the following devices: There is support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems, thus no particular devices are required to utilize it.

How can departments make advantage of Chrome Remote Desktop?

Because Chrome Remote Desktop is free to use, many different corporate departments can benefit from its services 


Remote desktop software is especially useful for IT departments. An IT department can remotely access an employee's PC using Chrome Remote Desktop without physically responding to the issue. This means that an IT department does not need to be in the same building or even nation as the rest of the firm to function properly.

It also ensures that remote workers may still receive IT help, whether they are traveling for work or working from home. The only drawback is that utilizing the service, you cannot remotely reboot a system.

Customer care

Customer service relies on assisting a customer with as little friction as possible. Chrome Remote Desktop is simple to set up, so even inexperienced technology users can be started in seconds. Its Remote Support services provide remote users with a one-time code to access a desktop to solve issues, allowing the customer to feel protected and secure.

Although there is no built-in chat, consumers can communicate through phone or live chat while a customer support representative resolves the issue. Finally, the main advantage here is that most users already have Chrome installed, so getting started is quick.


Chrome Remote Desktop is a completely free application that will thrill finance departments right away. While it may not be as sophisticated as other premium remote desktop applications, it is ideal for small enterprises with limited resources.

When dealing with specific scenarios and wanting to address concerns with staff, finance departments might benefit from Chrome Remote Desktop's screen share function. This is especially effective when two departments are geographically apart. It is also advantageous for the remote finance worker to be able to access a desktop workstation remotely when security is crucial for such sensitive information.


A HR department may have to discuss issues with employees or other departments on a regular basis. While doing so without any additional stimuli is possible, being able to share one's screen is far more convenient. The HR team can use Chrome Remote Desktop to share numerous slides and presentations in order to set out plans for the company's employee budgets, as well as conveniently discuss rotas and other related topics.

They can access sensitive material housed on a distant work machine, much like a finance department, while knowing that it is entirely safeguarded by encryption.


To get to the finished product, marketing departments often collaborate extensively. Users can utilize Chrome Remote Desktop to collaborate on real-time document editing or to share displays and discuss how a product or design looks.

While Chrome Remote Desktop does not support multi-sessions, it is great for a couple of employees to see together, regardless of their location. It also allows users to enter their work system whenever inspiration strikes and they need to contribute.

Features and benefits of Chrome Remote Desktop

The advantages of using Chrome Remote Desktop are its simplicity, interoperability with many operating systems, and dependability

It is completely free.

The most significant advantage of Chrome Remote Desktop is that it is completely free to use. Users only need to install Google's Chrome browser on any device to which they want to connect. There is no need to subscribe to any services or purchase one-time installs. As a result, it is particularly well suited to small firms with restricted software budgets but still require the benefits.

Only minimal training is necessary.

Chrome Remote Desktop is really easy to use. Anyone who has Chrome installed on their system can begin using it in seconds. Because it is so simple to operate, there is little need for formal training. It's the type of tool that can be used as needed.

This is ideal for firms with low training budgets as well as employees who are familiar with computers on a basic level.

Compatible with a variety of OS systems

Chrome Remote Desktop is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. It also works on Android and iOS, making it simple to use across numerous platforms. There's no need to utilize a separate operating system or be concerned about incompatibility.

It's fairly adaptable and, for the most part, only requires the use of Chrome. As a result, there is no need to upgrade work devices to specific operating systems, which saves money and training time.

Works even when the host user is not logged in.

A remote user can connect to the host even if the host user is logged out and not actively using Chrome. That means perpetual access to the system, provided the password is known: something that is likely to be handy for staff who operate on both their home and work computers, signing in remotely as needed.

This means that setup is even easier and less complicated than expected, which is incredibly convenient.

dependable service

Because it is powered by Google, Chrome Remote Desktop is extremely dependable. It employs cutting-edge open web technologies such as WebRTC, making it extremely secure; also, the way computers communicate with one another means there isn't much that can go wrong. There are no problems unless the system is turned off.

Otherwise, utilizing the program to connect to a system remotely is always simple.

What is the price of Chrome Remote Desktop?

Chrome Remote Desktop is available for free. One of its main advantages is that you don't have to pay anything to utilize it; all you need is an existing Google account. You simply login in to Chrome Remote Desktop to begin utilizing it.

Most users can get started in a matter of seconds. Because phone users will need to download an app to utilize it, be careful of any potential data consumption charges; however, these should be minor.

It's also vital to be careful of any malicious Chrome Remote Desktop programs that try to charge customers for the privilege. To assure that it is completely free, only use the official one. The sole disadvantage of Chrome Remote Desktop's free status is that it includes a few features such as built-in chat, drag-and-drop data transfer, and multi-monitor support.


Final words : 

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote desktop application with a simple setup and several benefits. IT departments can use it to remotely access an employee's PC without physically being in the same building or country as the rest of the firm to provide support and troubleshoot issues.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a great tool for HR, finance and marketing departments. The most significant advantage of using this tool is that it is completely free and easy to use. Users only need to install Google's Chrome browser on any device they want to connect.

Chrome Remote Desktop is extremely dependable and easy to use. Works even when the host user is not logged in or actively using Google's Chrome browser. It employs cutting-edge open web technologies such as WebRTC, making it extremely secure

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