Top 6 Minecraft Server Hosting

Raghdi Aissa

/ June ,30 2022

Top 6 Minecraft Server Hosting

Whether you're playing Minecraft with your friends or creating a massive online community, you'll need a competent Minecraft server hosting company. You can not only enjoy lag-free multiplayer sessions with the right hosting, but you can also protect your in-game achievements with an extra layer of protection and regular backups.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has been one of the most popular and well-liked games worldwide. Minecraft's craze appears to be unstoppable, with over 141 million active users from all over the world.

There are several ways to play Minecraft with your friends, but the most versatile is on an online Minecraft server. As a result, you're probably another of those Minecraft players who wants to take their game to the next level by hosting it on a low-cost, fast, and dependable server with your favorite mods. We've compiled a list of the best Minecraft server hosting companies for you to choose from, whether you're new to the game or looking to upgrade.

What Are This Year's Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies?

As the game's popularity has grown, so has the demand for Minecraft hosting. Rather than including them all, we've selected the best-performing ones to make your decision much easier.

Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft server hosting this year:

1. Apex Web Hosting (Claim Your Discount Here)

Do you like the idea of installing and playing your favorite mod pack with a single click? Apex Hosting has made this possible, and with plugins, mods, and even mini-games and maps, this service makes Minecraft hosting simple.

Furthermore, Apex Hosting provides a diverse set of 16 server locations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and Poland. Bisect Hosting has been lauded for its dedication to making Minecraft server hosting as simple and affordable as possible, based on the founders' first-hand experience as current and former server owners. Furthermore, with their limitless slots, Bisect's servers will not let you down whether you're hosting a small or large multiplayer group.

It provides Minecraft server hosting options ranging from budget to premium, with 1GB to 32GB of RAM starting at $7.99 per month. Bisect Hosting is a compelling option because of its simple setup, unlimited slots (in premium packages), free subdomains, free MySQL, mod pack updates, and other features.

Budget and premium subscription options allow you to pick and choose the features that are most important to you, and 24/7 support ensures that you receive all of the assistance you require.

With eight server locations around the world, you'll have plenty of options for minimizing latency. It's also worth noting that your server has never been subjected to a DDoS attack.


  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Excellent service and quick response.
  • Stick to the anti-cheat policy.
  • Increased security and protection for your server.
  • Popular plugins are fully supported.
  • SSDs are used to power its game servers, resulting in faster performance and loading times.
  • Provides full FTP access for better control of your server's files and plugins.
  • ScalaCube Web Hosting (Claim Your Discount Here)
  • France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Australia, China, and Singapore are among the countries represented.
  • The multiple server locations contribute to low latency.

One of the main reasons Apex is so popular among Minecraft players is that it offers full server control, as well as world-class support, quick connectivity, and a variety of server version options. Apex Hosting's automated backups are also beneficial in terms of file security.


Apex Hosting's lag-free servers have helped the company build a strong reputation and position itself as one of the best Minecraft hosting providers available today. It also helps that these servers are fully secured and provide users with a clear and easy-to-navigate control panel, as well as quality assistance and instructional videos for beginners (as well as 24/7 customer service if you run into any problems).




  1. SSD Raids
  2. FTP Account
  3. Databases in MySQL
  4. Setup in an instant
  5. Uptime that is Consistently Reliable
  6. 9 Geographical Locations to Consider
  7. Subdomain for free
  8. Backups on Demand
  9. Modpacks are supported.
  10. New customers receive an introductory discount.
  11. 24/7 Live Customer Service
  12. DDOS security
  13. No cost domain

2. Minecraft Hosting by Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a game server support company that not only caters to Minecraft players, but also runs game servers for titles such as Rust, Ark: Arma 3, Survival Evolved, and Hytale. Server rentals start at $9.99 per month, with 24/7 customer support available across three continents.


The company's Minecraft server hosting plan includes a free subdomain, an automated system to aid in quick setup, complete protection from DDoS attacks, and complete uptime. Plans ranging from 1GB to 16GB of RAM begin at $2.50 per month.


Shockbyte is a well-known Minecraft hosting company with excellent hardware that supports all Minecraft server versions, including Spigot, CraftBukkit, Sponge, Forge, Vanilla, BungeeCord, and Snapshots, as well as the latest Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.


Shockbyte's top subscription tiers, the Spartan Plan, Zeus Plan, and Titan Plan, are named after their incredible performance levels, which include 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB of RAM and infinite slots.


Of course, this translates to a seamless multiplayer gaming experience with no lag. If none of the plans meet your exact gaming requirements, Shockbyte will allow you to create your own.




  1. There is no downtime.
  2. DDoS protection is guaranteed.
  3. 24 Hour Customer Service
  4. Subdomain for free
  5. Automatic backups are available.


3. Distinguish Minecraft Hosting

ScalaCube promises low-cost, dependable Minecraft server hosting for as little as $2.50 for the first month and $5 per month after that for a server with 768MB RAM and up to 10 players.


The platform lets you install any mod pack with a single click and even lets you build your own Minecraft launcher with custom forge servers. This launcher allows you to change the settings of your server with just a few clicks, which is a useful feature that you won't find anywhere else.


ScalaCube also has a well-designed and easy-to-navigate user interface, as well as stability, an excellent support team, and lag-free service. ScalaCube includes BungeeCord and mod pack support, full file access, free MySQL, a backup system, a website/forum, and much more. Furthermore, this business provides excellent value for money.


You get a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as unlimited slots within servers to improve your gaming experience. It also helps that there are numerous server locations in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Forge, ATLauncher, Snapshot, FTB, Cauldron, Void's Wrath, Bukkit, Spigot, PaperMC, and many other Minecraft game server alternatives are available from ScalaCube.




  1. Minecraft 1.8 Compatibility
  2. Minecraft 1.7 (JVM) and 1.6 native support (Java)
  3. ModPack Host with Dedicated Management
  4. All players who want to play in-game can get free ranks.
  5. Minecraft Custom Servers for all Minecraft Servers
  6. With a single click, you can install over a thousand different modpacks.
  7. Provides a 50% discount on the next server purchased after the first.


5.Hostinger Hosting  


Public Relations

Public Relations

Hostinger not only guarantees the best web hosting option for the perfect website, but it also specializes in Minecraft server hosting, with Minecraft-specific plans and resources aimed at optimizing Minecraft's speed to the core.


Furthermore, Hostinger can set up a Minecraft Virtual Private Server (VPS) in seconds for as little as $8.95 per month, saving you valuable time. Minecraft hosting plans from Hostinger include 2GB to 8GB of RAM, dual CPUs, DDoS protection, full-time support, free MySQL, and even a mobile app, all with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Furthermore, Hostinger enables you to easily manage your VPS with just a few clicks, all while prioritizing the privacy and security of your data and even offering a money-back guarantee.


After you've subscribed and paid for an account, an instant setup allows you to get your server up and running in seconds. Hostinger's setup isn't the only time-saving feature; backing up your files is as simple as a single click, and installing mod packs and plugins is a breeze via the control panel.


The company's support staff will gladly answer any questions you have about configuring your Minecraft server, and there are also useful online tutorials available.


Minecraft hosting servers are available in five countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania.




  1. Uses a Multicraft panel to help you set up and manage your server with a few clicks.
  2. Comes with the best pre-installed mods so you can start playing right away.
  3. DDoS protection for servers is provided by its advanced automated hardware protection.
  4. Contains enterprise-level backup data, allowing you to easily restore lost or damaged data.
  5. Has servers all over the world to provide low latency to players no matter where they are.


6.Sparked Host

Sparked Host is one of the most user-friendly, cost-effective, and powerful hosting options available. After you purchase a hosting subscription with the company, which starts at $1.00 per month, your server is instantly set up for you.


You can either start playing right away with your Minecraft client or customize the server further with additional plugins or mods.


Now, why is Sparked Host on our list? Without a doubt, it is one of the best bangs for your buck! The server is outfitted with cutting-edge hardware and runs smoothly on the platform, regardless of whether the Minecraft community is still in its early stages or has a large number of followers.


Just make sure you choose the right plan for your requirements. It also has excellent resources and documentation to assist aspiring server administrators like you in quickly getting up and running.


You may still have reservations: setting up a Minecraft server is a massive undertaking. You don't have to take our word for it when we say Sparked Host is excellent. It has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5, which puts it on par with large brands like MCProHosting and Apex Hosting in terms of customer satisfaction for a fraction of the price.


Not only that, but Sparked Host guarantees "99.9% network uptime" or you'll be refunded or given time back on its service. You're still not convinced? For more information, go to the website.




  1. Provides a quick and dependable money-back guarantee
  2. Customer service is available 24/7.
  3. Setup is quick and simple.
  4. DDoS Security

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Minecraft Server Host?

Minecraft, like many other apps, strains hardware and infrastructure. To have a seamless gaming experience in self-hosted Minecraft environments, you must be aware of some financial and technological details.


Although the majority of these details apply to nearly all web hosting options, some web hosts have gone a step further and offered specialist Minecraft hosting plans with additional Minecraft-specific features.


You'll need the necessary equipment and bandwidth if you want to run your own Minecraft server online. Unless you own a data center, this entails renting space on a server hosted by a web hosting company like Hostinger.


When selecting a Minecraft hosting package, keep the following factors in mind to ensure that your Minecraft hosting runs smoothly:



Almost all web applications require processing time, but this is especially true in gaming contexts. Furthermore, in real-world situations, processing time is measured in clock cycles (hence the presentation as MHz or GHz).


Web hosting servers are frequently outfitted with a slew of powerful processors. The amount of processor time you have is determined by the plans that your web server provides. Furthermore, shared hosting accounts share processing time, whereas VPS or cloud hosting options give users exclusive access to specific resources.


2. Recall

RAM (random access memory) is a type of volatile storage used for program execution. When you send a request to your server, it stores data in memory so that it can process it more quickly. When servers have less memory than they require, they must swap data in and out of RAM more frequently, resulting in decreased performance.


Shared hosting, like processor time, is based on a large memory pool that is shared among many accounts. Users have dedicated memory with VPS or cloud solutions. The amount varies depending on the host and plan you select.


3. Storage Size and Type

Although Minecraft isn't a particularly storage-intensive game, having an SSD will help you run a Minecraft server faster. However, keep in mind that there may be some differences in this area.


While your data is stored on traditional hard drives, some web hosts will provide SSD-based server software (such as the operating system and web server software). This is distinct from offering a full SSD solution in which all data is saved on an SSD.


4. Server Placement

This could be one of the most crucial aspects of your Minecraft hosting server. It is critical to think about the server's hosting location. High latency (lag) is frequently caused by a server located far from its players.


If you're hosting players from all over the world, there's not much you can do about it. If you're hosting in a more localized context (perhaps for players in a specific country/region), look for a web host with servers in or near that location. This has the potential to significantly reduce game lag.


5. Minecraft-Specific Help

As previously stated, several web hosts offer customized Minecraft server hosting options. This is critical because those who do may be able to offer you additional Minecraft hosting support that you will not be able to find elsewhere.


Installation and setup assistance is a common example of this type of support. Before selecting a package, contact any potential hosts to see if they can assist you with this.


6. Avoid Minecraft hosting plans that are too cheap.

Several hosting companies provide lower rates than those listed below. However, if you decide to pursue these intentions, we strongly advise you to proceed with caution. Many of these plans may provide poor service and take shortcuts in areas that will harm your gaming experience.


What Should You Think About Before Choosing a Minecraft Server Hosting Service?

Once you've decided to host your own Minecraft server, the next step is to choose the best hosting company for you - and we've previously covered the best hosting options that we recommend (see above).


However, there are additional factors to consider when choosing a host. Let us conclude this article by weighing some of the major criteria you should consider during your decision-making process to ensure you get the best Minecraft server hosting provider for your needs.


Hardware: The importance of good hardware when playing online multiplayer games cannot be overstated. If you plan on having multiple players with different mods, Minecraft can be demanding in terms of hardware.


To keep your multiplayer environment running smoothly, you'll need to select the right processor (along with enough RAM) to handle such demanding hardware requirements. When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your Minecraft server, the hardware will undoubtedly be a dealmaker or a deal breaker.


Pricing: Because you'll be relying on third-party services to host your Minecraft server, price will undoubtedly be a factor in your search for the best minecraft hosting. In addition to the hardware, your hosting service will provide security, maintenance, plugins, features, and so on. The good news is that hosting companies offer a variety of options to meet your specific requirements.


Easy Configuration: Let's face it, you don't want to waste time being frustrated by a time-consuming setup procedure; thus, companies that make it simple and quick are clearly appealing. That being said, being beginner-friendly is one thing; make sure the hosting company also gives you complete control over your server so that you can make any necessary changes to your settings and so on.


Support: Even the best hosting companies cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong, so you should expect to need customer service at some point. If you are unable to update a critical setting or require assistance defending against or responding to something truly terrible, such as a DDoS attack, having quick customer service can be critical. After all, any downtime may irritate your prized players.


Let's look at how resource-intensive Minecraft can be:


Minecraft's Multiplayer Mode

Although Minecraft can be played alone, the multiplayer mode, which allows players to interact with one another, is one of its most appealing features. This can result in a variety of outcomes depending on the environment.


For example, players can choose to wage war, complete cooperative tasks, or simply coexist peacefully on their own virtual plots of land. For multiplayer mode, there are four primary options:


Local Area Network Gaming (LAN)

A local area network (LAN) connects a group of computers in a smaller (more localized) area. In general, a LAN is a network that connects a few computers in a room.


Server Online

The most intriguing of the three is the online server, which requires a user to build an entire online ecosystem from the ground up in order to host Minecraft games. As a result, the host will typically rent server space from a web hosting company for this purpose.


Minecraft Realms

The Realms concept was created by Minecraft designers to allow people to instantly host Minecraft games through the service. It's a monthly subscription service.


Screen Dividers

This is only available for consoles and allows up to four players to play Minecraft on a single screen at the same time.


Minecraft Server Hosting Minimum Requirements

As you may know, hosting games can be challenging due to their resource requirements, which are frequently higher than those of traditional online apps. Minecraft, fortunately, isn't a resource hog, so you can simply run it on web servers that meet a few basic requirements.


That being said, we're talking about the most basic Minecraft settings, also known as "pure Vanilla." For such installations and an average player group of up to ten users, you can get away with the bare necessities in the VPS hosting space.


Let's take a look at the numbers behind vanilla Minecraft hosting:


The minimum requirements are as follows:


  • 1 processor core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Requirements that are recommended:
  • 2GB RAM
  • two CPU cores


We've skipped over them because the storage space requirements are so small in comparison to what most hosting companies provide. Simply make certain that the storage is SSD-based.


If you take Minecraft seriously, you should look into hosting options that allow you to play with groups of 50 or more people. You could also consider other options, such as using custom mods, which will increase the requirements even more.


Should You Opt for the Lowest-Cost Minecraft Hosting Service?

Pricing is something that the vast majority of people consider when shopping around for hosting services. People frequently choose the cheapest host they can find, but is this a viable strategy? In general, there are a couple of other factors to consider before deciding on a price. First and foremost, you should ensure that the host you select has enough storage for whatever purpose you intend to use the server for. You should also ensure that the hosting company's support is satisfactory. Then we can look at pricing and compare it to other hosting services before deciding on one.


Bottom Line: Creating a Minecraft server is simple and well worth the effort.

As you can see from this list of the best Minecraft hosting providers, each Minecraft server hosting provider is considered the best for a variety of reasons, many of which are unique. As a result, choosing the best one for your specific needs becomes critical.


Meanwhile, Hostinger is, in our opinion, the most equitable and consistent of the Minecraft hosting solutions listed above. It's a little pricey, with a standard subscription starting at $8.95 per month, but its onboarding and user interface are ideal for beginners who only want to host games with their friends. This hosting service also caters to more advanced users who want to create their own worlds and experiment with various mods.


Furthermore, Shockbyte is a good choice if you're looking for a more affordable option, as its cheapest plans start at just $2.50 per month.

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